Herbal Formulations

The Ancient & Proven Delivery System

For over 5,000 years, East Asian herbal ingredients have been prescribed for everything from acne, infertility, high blood pressure to insomnia, constipation and even depression.  It has evolved into an art form with scientific backing.  Ancient herbal information has been gathered, formulated and tested for many centuries.  Passed down from generation to generation.

With a pharmacopeia of over 1,800 individual plants, roots, leaves, flowers, fruit and seeds.  The healing power of each herb is usually combined with other herbs into individually produced formulas.  East Asian doctors have spent thousands of years of rigorous training to master the science of prescribing herbal formulas.

Every herbal ingredient is classified according to its energetic quality and function upon different organ systems, meridians and neuro-hormones.  The purest and most effective herbal ingredients are used in different quantities and for different purposes in order to create the most proficient formula.  Throughout history, the most highly respected herbologists have the wisdom and knowledge of creating herbal formulas that greatly benefit every individual without any side-effects.  These particular herbal formulas, which can be prescribed to and taken by any individual, are known in East Asia as Bi Bong Formulas, or “secret formulas” that are handed down from generation to generation through a family line.

In a single formula, herbs are assigned different tasks to result with multiple physiological changes that balance the entire person to both eliminate immediate symptoms, as well as tackle the root cause of the condition. Each formula consists of a specific hierarchy of herbal ingredients:

1.  Chief Herbs

  • Correct the main imbalances of the skin and body and is the most important ingredient of the formula.
  • It addresses the energetic and therapeutic focus of the entire formula.

2.  Deputy Herbs

  • Assist the chief herbs to target the primary condition and/or treat secondary signs and symptoms.

3. Assistant Herbs

  • Reinforce the action of the chief and deputy.
  • Harmonize or eliminate any harsh properties of other herbs within the formula.

4. Envoy Herbs

  • Are the messenger herbs that direct the effects of the formula to certain meridians or areas of the body.
  • Integrate the function of the rest of the herbs.

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