Below are some real testimonials from spa owners and others who use Jadience Herbal Formulas’ products.

Before + After - Total Body Detox Soak - Foot Soak Daily for 1 Week (1)

Total Body Detox Soak – Before & After

Jadience products have played a key role in restoring my own personal health and the health of my patients who join me for wellness retreats. I have used just about every product to help treat a wide variety of conditions ranging from physical trauma, emotional stress, inflammation and of course skin care concerns. These products have proven to be effective and in intrical part of the work that I do. I can honestly say my life would not be the same without them. Thank you Jadience team!!! Dr. Randi


Dr. Randi Raymond ~ Integrative Medical Coach

I was stretching and pulled a muscle in my neck and back that caused a lot of pain and severe lack of range of motion.  I applied the Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Cream throughout the day and evening and by the next morning my pain was gone and my range of motion was back!  I have Lyme disease and the Muscle & Joint Formulas are what I turn to for joint pain relief.  I am a massage therapist and love using the Muscle & Joint products on my clients as well!  We LOVE Jadience at First Light Wellness Center.

Anessa Proctor~ First Light Wellness Center

What can one say about Jadience that is not remarkable!  Our Spa has a strong philosophy on natural and organic items, when I came across the Jadience collection and saw the ingredients I was immediately drawn to this product!  The fact that this product is based on Traditional East Asian Medicine, and is Vegan, Gluten Free, Non GMO, and Not Tested On Animals, something that we strongly encourage, how could we not resist trying it out.  As part of our Pain Relief Collection, our staff, and guest have been so amazed with the results, and it is rare to find a pain relief product without menthol, so guest may enjoy a steam or sauna without the irritation of the menthol.  The Jadience Extra Strength Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Cream has been selling like hot cakes, our Spa favorite!  Thank you Jadience for being part of the L’Apothecary Nature Spa

Robert J Lopez ~ Assistant Spa Manager – L’Auberge de Sedona

Thank goodness for Jadience products!
This 79 year old body (recovering from a rotator cuff injury, bad sciatica, carpal tunnel, etc), played over 2 hours of tennis singles – just one set,.  After a tie breaker, which I lost 6-8, I withdrew because I had pulled a tight calf muscle.
If it weren’t for your Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Cream, extra strength I couldn’t have finished that tie breaker!  It helped me drive home – 2 hours.  And a long soaking in bath oil made me a new woman the next day.  Ready to tackle a lot of heavy physical work – no limping! – even the hands were better!
I have taken your products with me on tennis team events. Had one player cramping and that muscle cream helped her.  Several other players are now regular customers of you.

Thank you so much,

JR – Client

We are so excited to be offering the Muscle and Joint pain therapy to each and every client this month. Exposing these remedies to up to 600 clients in each location has naturally had a direct impact on retail sales as the therapists recommend different home care regimens incorporating Jade.  Those that have enjoyed the enhancement have also inquired about the detox line.  It has opened a line of communication and an opportunity to educate clients about products that they can continue to use at home to prolong their treatment.

The Muscle and Joint Massage Enhancement has been the perfect tie in with our gym members and their daily regimen. It adds that extra therapeutic touch to their Signature Massage by targeting their key area of concern from working out.

The Detox Treatments have been the massage therapists’ favorite treatment by far. We have created events incorporating an Express Detox as well as adding on a Foot Detoxifying Soak to each massage.  Our therapists love the results it gives their members and it’s a perfect regimen to set up a member while they are working out!

Sarah B. ~ Corporate Director, Total Woman Gym & Day Spa

After the Slimming Compression Wrap was removed, I noticed an immediate lift in both the bust and buttocks. I also felt “lighter,” with a long, sustained boost of energy for the gym and the rest of my day.  I would certainly recommend the wrap for anyone seeking a slimming/detox wrap experience as it works!

Alicia Hopkins ~ Therapist

I use the Muscle & Joint Massage Cream and Gel in all my massages to give me an edge over my competition.  There are so many massage therapists in my area and I want to stand out.  My clients may or may not know that they feel even better after my massages because of the Jade and Herbs in the formulas working with me to relax the client.  But, I know this to be true!

Lori Breckinridge ~ Certified Massage Therapist

We have proudly offered the Jadience line at Bally’s Las Vegas for the past two years.  We offer an array of services including detox manicures/pedicures, slimming/cellulite treatment, and our muscle therapy massage.

Over the past two years I have noticed that many of our returning clientele that have tried our Jadience enhanced services often request those services every time they visit.

I enjoy working with the Jadience line, not only do I know my guests benefit from the wonderful herbal formulas, but I do as well.  My arms and hands always feel so refreshed after performing a Jadience treatment.

Kristin Forrest, Lead Massage Therapist ~ The Spa @ Bally’s Las Vegas

As an acupuncturist, I’m very impressed with the Jadience products we use and retail at our clinic.  The muscle and joint line, the soaks and the Jadience spa products are effective and pure.  I am confident using and recommending them.  Patients are very pleased with the results and so am I.  The Jadience staff is educated, helpful and supportive.  I love a win, win.  Thank you,

P. Immel, L.Ac.

“My clients are really enthusiastic about  the Cellulite Serum!  They have noticed that their skin texture is firming and improving.  In addition, the Slimming Patches and Slimming Capsules are really decreasing my clients’ desire for sugar and carbohydrates!  One of my clients said that she was exposed to all of these sweets on Valentine’s Day at the office.  She had one small piece of candy and that is all she wanted thanks to Jadience’s Slimming Patch and Capsules.”

Vanessa D. Tatum, M.D.


USA Volleyball Champion thanks Jadience


USA Volleyball Champion thanks Jadience

One of our staff had a HORRIBLE MIGRAINE yesterday (blurred vision, vomiting, seats and shakes). She went to see our local chiropractor to get her spine adjusted as well as applied our herbal “Ibuprofen”– Jade Muscle and joint cream all over her neck. Within a few hours the migrane was GONE. NO drugs, not pain killers, just herbs and adjustment Typically one of these sever migraines will last 2-4 days without taking pain killers. Thank you Dr Ambert and Jadience Herbs for your help.

The Sanctuary Day Spa

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas has enjoyed introducing the Tao of Man products to our male guests.  The feedback has been great, the men get to experience the products in the grooming areas of The Spa and this inevitably turns into a retail sale.  For the professional products in the treatments, the therapists have favored the Muscle and Joint Cream as product of choice for guests in need of a healing massage lotion.

Jennifer Lynn – Director of Spa ~ Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas

I performed the Jade Total Body Detox Ritual (with the pillows) for the first time for a client who has already received several Jade & Ginseng Slimming Compression Wraps. As she walked out of the treatment room, I knew immediately something was different. She walked with her “bum” sunken in, her steps were dragging, and she was leaning as she was walking. I said to her, “Sheila if you were driving, I could pull you over for a DUI.” She looked at me with a blissful facial expression and said, “That was amazing!” Thank you Jade Spa.

Mayra, Y. Belleza ~ Bella Belleza

The Jadience skin care line has been a God send for me! I’ve been an Esthetician on and off for about twenty years. During this time I gained a lot of holistic health experience and training. One of those areas has been in nutrition… which was recently put to the test when my father was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma cancer.  We completely reversed his cancer with absolutely no chemo and no radiation. My father was healed  through the use of herbs, supplements and diet changes.

This experience gave me absolute confidence in the medicine of Mother Nature. The Jadience line has given me everything I need to fully assist in the wellness and health of my clients, and their skin.  With Jadience I have the confidence to know that I am delivering the best possible product solutions for their beauty / skin health concerns.  I have been using the products on myself steadily for about a month and have most definitely seen a wonderful improvement! I receive compliments daily on my skin and my clients ask me what I am doing. This is the best proof ever of how well a product works. Thank you!

Esthetician – Total Women Gym & Day Spa (Irvine, CA)

As a massage therapist, Ricky shared a testimonial with us which we wanted to pass along.  As a therapist, his arms are tired from giving massages all day and he uses Jadience Muscle &  Joint Massage Cream because it helps him alleviate the pain.

But the better story starts with the fact that he has had a  VERY DIFFICULT time sleeping. He was directed to purchase the Jadience Stress-Relieving Internal Herbal Formula.  Day one he tried 1 oz and it helped. Day 2   he doubled the dosage and he slept for 8 solid hours. He was in shock! And, extremely happy:)

Massage Therapist, R.V.

Tried the pain reliever and leaped over my car this morning.  Wow!

Spa Consultant, W.B.J.

Olympian, Wallace Spearmon, thanks Jadience for helping attain his Olympic dream with our Muscle & Joint Collection

Olympian Wallace Spearmon thanks Jadience for help with Muscle & Joint Collection

“I’m a cancer survivor with very sensitive skin. It’s very challenging for me to find natural products with no estrogen that really work as well as they advertised. For over a year, I’ve had a breaking out over my forehead that facials were just not helping. I’ve changed my hairstyle to wearing bangs while I waited months to see a top not notch dermatologist. Again limited to what I can use, some of the bumps were lasered and I applied creams to the other areas. These only dried my skin still leaving the bumps behind. By chance, my mother gave me the “Jade & Burdock Blemish Control Gel” to try. I did knowing that I had nothing to loose. Within three days there was no more redness and the bumps were going down! I can’t find the right words to express how amazed I was. This was to good to be true!  After researching this product line, my fingers were crossed that there would not be a conflict with my estrogen restriction. Today I got the green light. I have no doubt, and personal experience ,that this line provides the products that it advertises.” ~  L.S.

Jade & Burdock Purifying Gel – L.S. (cancer survivor with very sensitive skin)

In 8 years, I have never had a spa-supervisor call me to say that all 23 therapists have been able to upgrade their services and sell retail to their customers on a consistent basis, until we started carrying the Jadience/Jade Spa line.

Jessica W. Corporate Spa Director ~ Total Woman Gym & Spa (Southern CA)

I met you (Jadience Spa Rep) at the Hilton today! You gave me an extra set of Stress-relieving Detox patches for my boyfriend and they have worked on him AMAZING!!!! I told him nothing and he keeps talking about how relaxed he feels, yet he has more energy than I have seen in months!

Siobhan Cathcart ~ Petite Retreat, San Diego

I am so happy with the Stress Relief-Detox Patches!  They make a difference in my on-going battle with insomnia.  It is so nice to wake up refreshed and not have to rely on medication to sleep.

Natalie L., Concierge at Spa Breeza ~ Hilton Mission Bay San Diego, CA

I felt quite toxic in the beginning of the treatment. Few days after I experienced the treatment in the Spa, I felt very invigorated and energized. I purchased the Detox Home Kit and continued the regimen at home for a few days. I am planning to continue with the home care every three months. Love the products!

Donna, Massage Therapist at The Biltmore ~ Four Seasons Santa Barbara, CA

Combining acupuncture together with Jadience has made a profound impact on my practice. I specialize in cosmetic acupuncture and so I treat a lot of clients who have tried a variety of skin care lines and none of them have experienced anything quite like Jadience. I have achieved immediate results with my clients using these medicinal skin care formulas – infused with invigorating scents and key Chinese herbs – and many of my clients are transitioning out of their current lines into Jadience. The Jade & Ginseng Serum, Jade & Ginseng Firming & Lifting Moisturizer and the Anti-Aging Green Tea and Pearl Mask are our top sellers and products that we feel very passionately about. It is truly a gift that I can take my clients to the next level of health working with herbal formulas, soaks and herbal patches in combination with the medicine of acupuncture.  I place ample value in the accessibility of Jadience because I have everything within my reach from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. It is also very important to me that my staff maintain a holistic experience working with our products and that they can stand behind them with the utmost confidence.

Illya Borreson, Owner & R.Ac ~ Victoria Community Acupuncture, B.C.

It has been a pleasure letting Jadience into my life — product by product.  My standards for myself and my clients are pretty high.  Well-formulated product collections need to be ethical, beautiful, distinct & powerful.  Jadience impresses me on all counts and this means our team can apply and sell these items with a high degree of integrity.  It is empowering.

Jacquie-Lynn Holland, Senior Esthetician ~ Victoria Community Acupuncture, B.C.

The Jade Spa line has been a wonderful addition for Bien-Etre spa. My clients absolutely love the pure ingredients and always comment on the amazing natural scents. I love that the ingredients are gentle yet very active. I love to use these products in my LED Light Therapy treatments as the Jade enhances the healing and detoxifying effects of the infrared light, providing my clients with the absolute best results possible!

Jennifer Laz, Owner & Esthetician ~ Bien-etre spa, Solana Beach

It feels as though you are rubbing silk on your skin. Jadience has products for anti-aging, acne, rosacea and is a great preventive skincare line to keep the skin healthy.  My two favorite products are Jade and Ginseng Regenerating Serum, which I believe is a must have product for everyone and it is self adjusting so your skin will gradually take what it needs. It is a serum so the ingredients are microsized particles that your skin will immediately absorb and it will protect, hydrate, heal and tighten your skin. After I apply my serum I use Radiance (Jade & Ginseng Radiance Moisturizer) because I have dry skin and this product keeps my skin soft and hydrated all day long. People often comment on my skin saying it looks so tight and glowy and they are shocked when I say I have dry skin because it looks the complete opposite.  My job gives me the pleasure of working with skin clients everyday and I have not had one client disappointed with the Jadience line. 

Amanda ~ AB SKN Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic Inc., Vancouver, BC

I have a client that absolutely loved the Muscle & Joint Sports Massage with Jade Gua Sha Treatment!  She researched the Jade Spa website and tried out the various Jadience wellness retail collections available at the spa.  After trying the products in the spa and at home she sent the Detox Soak to her sister in Chicago who has had a problem with insomnia for many years.  She soaked and slept longer and deeper then she had for 15 years!

Erin G. Therapist at Bella D’ora Spa ~ Carlsbad, CA

At Kin Spa, we offer the “Healing” and “Jade” manicure and pedicures.  Our guests rave about the services and the benefits from the Jadience products. My service providers use the Jadience products to heal themselves at the end of the busy days.

Sara Huddleson – Spa Director, Kin Spa; Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

I was experiencing sciatica pain stemming from my lower back.  I put the Herbal Muscle & Joint Patch on the pain and my muscle spasms went away right away.  Within 24 hours- it was like nothing ever happened, the pain was completely gone!

Frauke M., Massage Therapist, at Sheraton Carlsbad ~ Ocean Pearl Spa

Jadience makes our job easier because of the healing herbs in the product that naturally relax the client during their Jade or Muscle & Joint- Healing Mani Pedi, creating a euphoric state of mind.

Ember – Cosmetologist, Manchester Grand Hyatt; San Diego, CA

We started to carry the Jadience Muscle and Joint Collection in our Spa in 2008 and were very pleased with the products and treatments. The guests were raving about their experience and came back for more. Last fall we decided to expand the services offerings from this collection and now our guests can also enjoy a Therapeutic Muscle and Joint Pedicure. We have seen a keen interest by men for this service.

Janna Roth, Spa Director Four Seasons Resort, The Biltmore Santa Barbara

Being a western herbalist for many years I have never come across a blend of Chinese herbs that I trust as much as Jadience. I love the purity of the product and as well as the wisdom and intent that go into every batch.  Jadience has helped detox my entire body and the results are very real. There is no denying that Jadience is effective in safely and gently detoxing the body from the inside out. I can’t live without it!

Tracy Duhs, Owner, The Sanctuary Spa (San Diego)

Guests love the bath in the Slimming Treatment and find the herbs to be very therapeutic. After the treatment several guests have commented on being less bloated, feeling lighter and that their rings are not as tight on their fingers any more.  

Donna at The Biltmore ~ Four Seasons Santa Barbara

Working at a spa I understand the importance of wellness and massage.  This is why I am so glad to have been introduced to the Jadience line. 

I had the Slimming Inch Loss Compression Wrap done and lost 12.5 inches!  I also felt so energized that I wanted to try more of the Jadience line. 

I am a busy mother of four teens, I enjoy raising and riding horses and I do yoga.  I have injuries from being so active including inflamed shoulders and dull lower back pain.  I tried the Jade & Ginseng Hydrating Lotion and was amazed that I felt an immediate boost of energy and mood enhancement.  I also felt less pain and inflammation in my shoulders and back- from just a body lotion!

I am excited about Jadience and want to use more of the lines such as the Detox and Energy Formulas.  I love that it is natural with no side effects and the fact that it is herb based. 

Lory Costello Asst. Spa Director at Rancho Valencia

I am a Licensed Esthetician and understand the importance of keeping chemicals off the skin. That’s why I love Jadience. I use it on myself daily and recommend it to everyone because they really work at keeping your skin looking and feeling good. My clients and I enjoy happy skin knowing I am using ancient herbal products with the best ingredients. I also love the way they smell, especially the cleanser, it is the best part of my morning. Twice a week I mix the scrub into my cleanser and my skin always feels amazing after!! I cant wait to use them every morning and every night.

Licensed Esthetician, N.M.

When choosing a product for our spa there are so many deciding factors it is usually more frustrating than exciting and there is always AT LEAST one service provider who will find something they do not like about the line and they are convinced cannot sell!

Well thanks to Jadience that is no longer a frustrating situation I have to deal with!

Never in the 15 years of directing spa’s have I experienced such an amazing, result-oriented, all natural, line.

Not only do the therapist love working with it, I can’t keep it on the shelves!  The guests purchase the products before they even experience it!   The feedback from the therapists is they have a calm energy and are comfortable recommending a quality product that really works!

Stephanie B. (Director of Spa, Retail and Fitness) at Rancho Valencia ~ An Auberge Resort

Great news about the slimming wrap! … I lost 8 inches, and that includes a full inch around my waist! And I’m STILL detoxing! I’m very encouraged by this number. I like to consider myself as someone who doesn’t have A LOT of inches to lose, and if I lost 8 inches, I’m thinking that someone with a lot of fluid to move may lose even more! … Thanks for all your input and advice thus far.

Hilary Huddleston at Natural Elements Spa

Jadience Herbal Formulas is more than just another natural products company. They are a company that is out to help bring great natural and organic products your way without harming the environment in the process.

"Natural & Sustainable"

Health. It’s one of my favorite topics. So why does it take so much for me to feel 100% healthy? Sometimes it can feel like a job, and the workday starts as soon as I wake up.

For periods of months during the last couple of years, I didn’t feel 100%. After injuries, work, racing in less than ideal shape, I hit a wall. At one point, I starting thinking I’d settle for feeling 75%, but that didn’t last long. Italians don’t give up so easily! I went to visit doctors, had more MRIs in one year than days off, had shots in my back and treatments of every kind – massages, stretching… the list goes on!

No results. How frustrating is that?

Then one day about a month ago, I was speaking to Jenelle Kim, co founder of Jadience, an all natural Muscle and Joint Therapy Company creating products based on ancient Chinese medicine handed down through her family.  Jenelle offered to give me a few products to try them out. “G, just go ahead and try them out and I hope this will make you feel better,” Jenelle said.

Not only am I feeling better, it’s like I’ve had a magic transformation!!

I usually don’t rave about things so much but I can’t stop talking to people about this. The Muscle Therapy products line includes a Plaster, Cream, Spray, Bath, and  Gel…

I finally feel like I’m back in peak shape. I’ve been training for my 100 mile ride next week without any soreness, and I started running again. AND believe it or not, I am going back to racing on April 11th with the Olympic Triathlon called Super Seal.

NOTE TO MY DEAR FELLOW TRIATHLETES: For those of you who passed me when I was in pain or when my body decided to take a vacation, WATCH OUT.  I will be right on your tails, and as soon as I see an opening I will pass you and leave you behind all the way to the finish line. (Can you tell I am so EXCITED about the comeback?)

Jenelle, all I can say is thank you for introducing me to what I consider the MAGIC medicine that I wish I’d found many years ago.

Giuseppe Ciuffa (Owner of Giuseppe Restaurants & Fine Catering) La Jolla, CA

I have tried many facial products as well as professional facials and absolutely nothing works as well as the Jadience herbal facial products.  After only a short time of use I am already noticing a huge improvement in the overall condition of my skin as well as some long-term problems that are clearing up.  I know that  with continued use I will always have beautiful, glowing skin!  I will continue to use the products for as long as I am able.  Thank you Jadience Herbal!

Cat S. ~ Client form Boston, MA

First I want to start by saying  that I have tried everything under the sun for acne.  I’ve tried Pro-Activ, ALL the over the counter products, antibiotics and even Accutane.  I have struggled with acne my whole life and being 37 this was not something I thought I would still be dealing with.  The other products that I have tried would either work temporarily, not at all or irritate my skin and make the acne even worse than before I started.  I was looking for a more natural product that didn’t have harsh chemicals and would not irritate my skin.

The first day I started the Jade product line I noticed a difference right way.  It seemed to calm and soothe my skin and did not irritate it at all.  For the first two weeks I had no new bumps and my skin texture was smoother and even dark spots from old acne was starting to fade.  I did go off my birth control pills which did cause a temporary flare up but it is again calming down.  My skin texture is continuing to improve and old acne spots are continuing to fade away and today I even got a compliment from a co-worker about how nice my skin looked…..I had not heard that since….I can’t even remember when!

On another note, I bad badly burned my finger on a straightening iron one day when I was straightening my hair.  When I finish using the products on my face I rub any remaining product into my hands because I don’t want to waste it.  Within a week the burn on my finger had completely gone away!  It was a nice, unexpected surprise.

I look forward to continuing to use the product line and seeing the continued results.  I feel good knowing this is a natural product that is not only good for my skin but will also not harm me with harsh, unnecessary chemicals.

D. Krager, Special Education Teacher & Mother ~ San Diego, CA

I want to put in a thumbs up for Jadience Herbal Muscle and Joint Kit – part of the Jadience Herbal Formulas natural product line that I use for my face patients. You take a hunk of the herb ball & form it to conform to the area of where your pain or stiffness is – for me, it is the lateral, medial & dorsal surface of my ankle. You wrap a 4X4 gauze or other kind of wrap around it (other kind of gauze, kleenex, cast sleeve) & then loosely put an ace wrap around the entire area to keep it all in place. I keep it on all night, sleep with it & don’t need to take a tylenol for sleep. In the morning, take it off with the gauze & you will see that the swelling is much decreased & it even stays down throughout the day. I find that I can really exercise my foot harder & get more flexion out of it in the morning after using the herbal wrap. It is a good adjunct to the PT, acupuncture, stretching, yoga, etc. that I am already doing.   ~Dr. Mingus is an anesthesiologist & pain management physician & acupuncturist practicing in NYC & CT.

M. Mingus, MD ~ NYC & Sherman, NY & CT

This product [Muscle & Joint Plaster Kit] isolates just the area needing attention vs taking a pill that effects the entire body.  It also speeds recovery time which mean less down time. In the past we’d do rest, ice, compression, and elevate, which as you now can take weeks.  We still do “rice” until we can get the Jadience Muscle & Joint Kit [Jadience Muscle & Joint Plaster Kit] on before bed and the next day (it’s a miracle), it’s as if there was no sprain.  I have been using this product for the past 3 years and tell everyone I know about it, and best of all–it’s herbal.

J. Allen ~ Client from Boston, MA

The Jadience product line has been a great addition to our business.  I appreciate the holistic approach, the history behind the formulas and most importantly the product is very effective.  The most amazing part has been the level of enthusiasm from my regular clients who swear by the Jade products now.

Leo at The Knotstop, CA

The products have worked extremely well with dancers and acrobats that I massage from shows, including Cirque Du Soleil. The performers report they are able to work easier, recovery time is faster from injury, and they are able to work with injury without hardship.

Shawn at Energy Works

The Detox Internal Formula cleaned out my system. I am a ‘strep throat carrier’ and every time I am around someone with it, I get it. On day 3 of using the Detox Internal Formula my throat broke out in white bumps all over.  I felt fine, but I was worried that it was going to get worse.  Fortunately, within a couple of days the bumps went away. I have not had any sign or picked up Strep Throat in almost 1 1/2 years, when I usually get it once to twice a year!  The Detox Soak is one of my favorite soaks. The first time that I soaked in it, I had really good results… I finished soaking in the water and when I got out I was tingly from head to toe.  The Stress and Detox Patches are wonderful. They help relax me and keep my stress levels down. I also get the deepest sleep when I use them.

A. Dyer from Arizona

I just want to say thank you very much for your product.  I have had a chronic problem with what has been labeled an autoimmune muscle inflammation disease called Polymyalgia Rheumatica. I had been on a course of prednisone and various other experimental drugs to relieve my condition… The negative side effects of the prednisone seriously outweighed any positive effects. I literally spent years weaning myself from the prednisone and suffered from those side effects. I began taking the Jadience herbal tea on a daily basis and have begun to feel more energy and my prednisone-induced depression has disappeared. I have been off prednisone for a little over a year now and have been drinking the Jadience tea consistently. I have been experiencing a reduced period to recover after pushing myself physically. Previously, I would suffer extreme muscle pain for weeks after the smallest exertion. Now, I am happy to say, that my energy is much better and my muscles are rebounding within a day or less. Just yesterday, I was able to swim fifty laps and the inflammation has dissipated within twenty-four hours!

Deborah from California

I’ve been an aesthetician for a span of over eight years and currently a student of nursing and I am so happy to have finally found an effective all natural and organic skin care product line for our spa.  Our clients love the jadience herbal formula facial! Especially the aromatic experience of pure ingredients and the clean fresh scent of the jade line! I’ve worked with organic and all natural lines before, but what I like best about Jadience Herbal Formulas is that it doesn’t try to confuse you with too many products but has just the right selection for every skin condition; the products have ingredient “intelligence” that improve the state of your skin like health elixirs for the face! I have had great results with the professional products and my client’s skin glows with improved tone and elasticity after just one treatment.  They leave feeling energized and refreshed. Ever since I’ve been using your products my skin has never looked any better! I’m able to recommend products to my regular clients that I truly believe in and can see their results. Thanks!

Melissa at Silk Day Spa, NY

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