Slimming Massage Enhancement

The most effective slimming enhancement to any treatment…

This renowned massage is performed with a centuries proven East Asian Herbal massage cream infused with Jade Power, which is known to deeply detoxify the human body.   Jade Herbal Warming Pillow Acupressure Treatments are performed, which consist of a unique formulation of jade powder and specific herbs and grains known to stimulate acupressure points that encourage all organ systems to function at their most optimal level thereby allowing the body to rid itself of toxins, re-balance internal organ systems, increase metabolism, nourish skin and remove excess fat.


Slimming Massage Enhancement Package:

  • Jade Detoxifying Acupoint Treatment Gel
  • Jade Herbal Warming Body Pillows – large
  • Jade Slimming Acupressure Treatment Cards
  • Jade Slimming Herbal Warming Pillow Treatment Protocol Card
  • Jade & Ginseng Massage Cream – Advanced Therapy

Jade Slimming Home Treatment Packages:

  • Slimming Internal Formula
  • Slimming Soak
  • Slimming Patches