Muscle & Joint Sports/Deep Tissue Massage

This advanced treatment increases and improves circulation while removing toxins and internal bruising. These effective formulas, combined with the ancient East Asian Massage Technique known as Gua Sha will relax sore and tight muscles, alleviate symptoms of pain, aid in the relief of swelling and inflammation, and strengthen muscles and joints. Rare proprietary herbal blends, which include: Clematidis, Achyranthis, and Puerariae, act fast and penetrate deep to achieve incredible results.

This Exclusive Treatment:

  • Prevents deterioration and injury
  • Strengthens areas of weakness and discomfort
  • Aids in the recovery of muscle and joint stress and damage

Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Treatment Package

  • Muscle & Joint Massage Cream
  • Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Gel Extra Strength
  • Muscle & Body Joint Spray
  • Gua Sha Tool (optional)