Esthetician – Total Women Gym & Day Spa (Irvine, CA)

October 17, 2013

The Jadience skin care line has been a God send for me! I’ve been an Esthetician on and off for about twenty years. During this time I gained a lot of holistic health experience and training. One of those areas has been in nutrition… which was recently put to the test when my father was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma cancer.  We completely reversed his cancer with absolutely no chemo and no radiation. My father was healed  through the use of herbs, supplements and diet changes.

This experience gave me absolute confidence in the medicine of Mother Nature. The Jadience line has given me everything I need to fully assist in the wellness and health of my clients, and their skin.  With Jadience I have the confidence to know that I am delivering the best possible product solutions for their beauty / skin health concerns.  I have been using the products on myself steadily for about a month and have most definitely seen a wonderful improvement! I receive compliments daily on my skin and my clients ask me what I am doing. This is the best proof ever of how well a product works. Thank you!