Giuseppe Ciuffa (Owner of Giuseppe Restaurants & Fine Catering) La Jolla, CA

March 5, 2010

Health. It’s one of my favorite topics. So why does it take so much for me to feel 100% healthy? Sometimes it can feel like a job, and the workday starts as soon as I wake up.

For periods of months during the last couple of years, I didn’t feel 100%. After injuries, work, racing in less than ideal shape, I hit a wall. At one point, I starting thinking I’d settle for feeling 75%, but that didn’t last long. Italians don’t give up so easily! I went to visit doctors, had more MRIs in one year than days off, had shots in my back and treatments of every kind – massages, stretching… the list goes on!

No results. How frustrating is that?

Then one day about a month ago, I was speaking to Jenelle Kim, co founder of Jadience, an all natural Muscle and Joint Therapy Company creating products based on ancient Chinese medicine handed down through her family.  Jenelle offered to give me a few products to try them out. “G, just go ahead and try them out and I hope this will make you feel better,” Jenelle said.

Not only am I feeling better, it’s like I’ve had a magic transformation!!

I usually don’t rave about things so much but I can’t stop talking to people about this. The Muscle Therapy products line includes a Plaster, Cream, Spray, Bath, and  Gel…

I finally feel like I’m back in peak shape. I’ve been training for my 100 mile ride next week without any soreness, and I started running again. AND believe it or not, I am going back to racing on April 11th with the Olympic Triathlon called Super Seal.

NOTE TO MY DEAR FELLOW TRIATHLETES: For those of you who passed me when I was in pain or when my body decided to take a vacation, WATCH OUT.  I will be right on your tails, and as soon as I see an opening I will pass you and leave you behind all the way to the finish line. (Can you tell I am so EXCITED about the comeback?)

Jenelle, all I can say is thank you for introducing me to what I consider the MAGIC medicine that I wish I’d found many years ago.