JR – Client

October 9, 2014

Thank goodness for Jadience products!
This 79 year old body (recovering from a rotator cuff injury, bad sciatica, carpal tunnel, etc), played over 2 hours of tennis singles – just one set,.  After a tie breaker, which I lost 6-8, I withdrew because I had pulled a tight calf muscle.
If it weren’t for your Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Cream, extra strength I couldn’t have finished that tie breaker!  It helped me drive home – 2 hours.  And a long soaking in bath oil made me a new woman the next day.  Ready to tackle a lot of heavy physical work – no limping! – even the hands were better!
I have taken your products with me on tennis team events. Had one player cramping and that muscle cream helped her.  Several other players are now regular customers of you.

Thank you so much,