Lory Costello Asst. Spa Director at Rancho Valencia

November 30, 2011

Working at a spa I understand the importance of wellness and massage.  This is why I am so glad to have been introduced to the Jadience line. 

I had the Slimming Inch Loss Compression Wrap done and lost 12.5 inches!  I also felt so energized that I wanted to try more of the Jadience line. 

I am a busy mother of four teens, I enjoy raising and riding horses and I do yoga.  I have injuries from being so active including inflamed shoulders and dull lower back pain.  I tried the Jade & Ginseng Hydrating Lotion and was amazed that I felt an immediate boost of energy and mood enhancement.  I also felt less pain and inflammation in my shoulders and back- from just a body lotion!

I am excited about Jadience and want to use more of the lines such as the Detox and Energy Formulas.  I love that it is natural with no side effects and the fact that it is herb based.